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I am committed to designing purposeful products that enhance the lives of consumers. My interests include ideating innovative, user-friendly concepts and working out the functionality behind them.

Streamlining Security Communication in Crowded Venues

Code Cam is used by security personnel in large venues and nightclubs. Traditional code systems require security teams to call for backup via radio, but in loud and crowded environments, clearly communicating these codes can be difficult. Accurately describing your location during high-stress situations adds to the challenge.

At the press of a button, Code Cam sends a message to all security devices, with each button colour corresponding to a specific type of incident. This helps backup teams quickly understand the nature of the situation. The device features a screen that guides users to the incident’s location, ensuring swift and efficient response.

Code Cam features audio compatibility and various interchangeable mounting options for user convenience.

From Low fidelity Prototypes… To Working alongside Venue Managers

Design Sprint

I designed a novel emollient applicator during a week-long design sprint. Below shows the presentation boards created to show the processes used and showcase the final design proposal