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Raised in Kenya and now living in the English countryside, I co-founded Jaryah Studios, where I lead creative efforts to deliver visually stunning digital solutions for our clients. I'm also deeply committed to volunteer work and social impact projects.




Muslim communities, both globally and within the UK, face challenges related to environmental consciousness despite the importance of preserving nature in Islamic values. There’s a need to bridge this gap and foster climate-conscious activism within the Muslim community.


Utilising emerging font technology and typography to present Quranic verses with ecological or environmental messages visually. Creating a typographically-led campaign that resonates with Muslim audiences, compelling them to reconnect with the planet and advocate for positive environmental change.

Before Sunrise


In the realm of grief support, there’s a significant gap. According to a recent survey by the University of Bristol and Cardiff University’s Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, an alarming 74% of those dealing with severe grief were left without access to crucial bereavement services and mental health assistance.


Grief can be a bewildering journey. Offering a therapeutic and interactive tool that aids individuals in their grief process. Providing them with the means to navigate their emotions, connect with others, and cultivate resilience within their close friends and family.


Editorial Design

Virtues of Dhul Hijjah
by Omar Suleiman
Sins: Poison of the Heart
by Dr Haifaa Younis
Builders of a Nation
by Dr Haifaa Younis
Journey to Jannah Pack
Kube PublishingRamadan Campaign
Menu Design
Smoke and Pepper, London
Prayer Cards Pack
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  • Jaryah Studios: Co-Founder & Design Director
  • AfreenArt: Online shop selling Arabic Calligraphy (fine art)
  • Kube Publishing: Freelance Editorial Designer

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