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I am an Textiles design student who mainly pursues the avenue of hand techniques within my work. I utilise the use of hand work to create depth and understanding within my pieces.

The Beauty of Disaster

Machine embroidery showing skin soreness using colour and texture.

Journey to the Show

‘The Beauty of Disaster’ is a collection that explores the concept of aging not only the physical themes but also the mental, focusing on the texture, complexion and importance of our largest organ, skin. This thought provoking project aims to present the beauty within the aging process even with all its complexities. through my designing process I aim to challenge the preconceptions around aging and present a deeper understanding of empathy, understanding and acceptance though the aging.

This piece represents the different layers of skin and the healing process of scarring, scabbing and recovery. Using hand burnt organza and cotton in a embroidery hoop.

Drawing on themes of growing, this hand made plush calico, yarn and fabric scrap sample stuffed with stuffing and used make up wipes .This was used to create further designs and it has also influenced various works. Derived from personal experience during my personal growing journey.

Stitching piece done on wash away embroidery stabilizer fabric of a face to represent the fragility of skin over time.

Previous Work